Cosmic Mirror Games is an independent Table Top Role-Playing Game (TTRPG) designing group. Dane Asmund is lead design and content creator, but a number of wonderful artists and idea-soundboards have been there to aid in the journey. Our first finished game book is Umbra & Mirn, and represents the start of a series of games set on a vast Cosmic Mirror. The big game currently in the works is Confluence, the core rules book. Beyond these core games set on the Cosmic Mirror, a number of smaller side games are always in the works, including an apocalyptic survival horror game tentatively titled The End, an unofficial Five Nights at Freddy’s TTRPG, a very serious game called Dogs the Gaem, and a couple of systems that tangentially relate to the Cosmic Mirror Games themselves.

Image featured on this page is the awesome work of Nathan Evans– Layout and aid in building the website was all thanks to Kat Veldt.