Cosmic Mirror Games

Welcome to the Cosmic Mirror, a massive and vast cosmic artifact that has survived in the center of a infinitely stationary black hole for over 4 million years. Across those long years, a total of 14 unique eras have existed both on and within it, ruled and shaped by two god-like entities.

While the first three eras featured only the most basic rudimentary existence of light, matter, and time, it was the fourth era where chronological time was founded, prompting the forthcoming Sequentia game setting. 2021.

The fifth era finally saw a series of god-like consciousnesses coming into their own and molding the world for themselves, leading to the forthcoming Omnitheis game setting. 2020.

The sixth era saw those gods over-exert themselves, becoming divine entities that then began to live within their own creation, putting forth the forthcoming Dystheis game setting. 2020.

The seventh era saw the world’s first taste of natural death, then the immediate perversion of that death, and now nothing stays dead. The unique setting of Mortalis will see over 100 unique kinds of the dead and spirits, coming in 2018.

The eighth era saw the world encased in a controlling cave system known as the labyrinth. The unique setting of Labyrinthea will see over 100 traditional dungeon-crawl monsters, traps, and other dungeon related rules, coming in 2018.

The ninth era saw the world in complete upheaval, as the dungeon world is broken open and a new god rises. As a result, all of the eras find secret paths to this world, making it a wild mix of everything past, present, and future. Confluence will serve as both a core setting, and a core rules book, featuring pieces of all the future books, coming in 2017.

The tenth era saw the world in an odd decay after the mess of the previous era. The people here do now know how to be people, and continually fake it in the unsettling world and systems of Teatro Grottesco, coming in 2019.

The eleventh era saw the world being hard wiped, to rid the world of the disease that the beings from that era gave it. In Ferrougos, an endlessly spread AI called the Limitless enslaves a race of beings known as the Chell to maintain it for all of time, coming in 2019.

The twelfth era saw the worlds of Umbra & Mirn, a setting featuring soul-bound beings on opposite sides of the Cosmic Mirror, sharing their dreams, powers, and intrinsic selves back and forth to aid one another. The first iteration of the book was released in 2016, and an expansion and update book to be more in line with the 9th Era and other settings will come in 2019.

The thirteenth era saw the worlds of Umbra & Mirn fall apart, and the Diluvians rise into their own power, beings with several minds, capable of tapping into a wide array of incredible powers. The setting of Diluvia will be coming sometime in 2019 or beyond.

The fourteenth and final era of the Cosmic Mirror came to be after the Diluvians made the world finally constant and prosperous. Solare is a massive and incredibly full high fantasy setting, and as a result will be released as four volumes to fairly cover all the world, races, and unique systems. The first of these books will be released between 2018 and 2019.