Five Nights

Five Nights at Freddy’s, and all related characters are copyright Scott Games.

While certainly not an official TTRPG adaptation, the FNAF TTRPG will be a free labor of love. The system itself is in an alpha release, so check it out!


(Notes on the alpha rules release: The game is super rough right now, and while the core of the game system is playable, and there are five animatronics + a location, there are many more planned for the future. IF you have any ideas/comments/criticisms/fixes, please email us about them! The game may just be a labor of love, but I’d still like it to be fun for people.)

It will not function like the Cosmic Mirror game systems, nor even like The End’s system that still utilizes dice pools. It’s actually a single d6 system. Rolls are made against tiers of difficulty by adding your relevant Attribute and Skill, then adding that to the result of a d6. Attributes go 1-3, Skills 1-5, so an Easy difficulty roll is set at 5, while a Mild is at 8, Hard at 10, and so on to Difficult and Impossible.

The game system has a bunch of ways for you to bump up your results, and ways to bump down the difficulty numbers or tier.

The game is centered on you living in a community where something has gone down at a factory, a restaurant, or otherwise. Either murders, missing children, or something else. The game is set up to be somewhat investigative, and then lead into different locations (locations from the games, and fan games, will be used, and hopefully a few custom ones.)

Your character will have a role (17 total: a role in the community, like child, parent, adult, teen, busboy, day guard, police officer, or others) and a reason to be involved (15 total: your child/sibling is missing, you are just curious, you were dared to stay at one of these places overnight, it’s your investigation as a journalist or officer, or others). These get all the players involved in the mystery, or at least to the location itself.

Locations have unique systems involving the oxygen, the power, and all the systems we have come to know in the games, doors, vents, curtains, cameras, etc.

Animatronics likewise have a page each describing the difficulty tiers for running from, hiding from, distracting, hitting, dodging, etc, as well as their behaviors, from passive, to attacking, to what they won’t do (like how the FNAF 1 animatronics cant go in a safe room), etc. They also all have abilities, like Golden Freddy’s ability to give visions, Bonnie’s ability to teleport, etc.

So the idea would be that the players become involved in the mystery of what has happened in the location, and research or investigate the place itself, which can (and likely will) result in confrontations with animatronics. Because all the animatronics from the games (and 2 of the fangames, Popgoes & Those Nights at Rachel’s) will be available, they can be mixed and matched, even re-skinned, to fit the story the group is involved in.

There also exists the potential for it being an all out action horror game, where you play a tactical SWAT team, or straight up military, going after these rogue animatronic murder machines.

The game play is up to your group, but the core concept of it is set up to be an investigative horror/suspense game.

Being constructed in the middle of Umbra & Mirn being finished and early work on the 9th Era core rules book, the FNAF TTRPG offers no ability for support for Cosmic Mirror Games, as it cannot be monetized in any way. For this reason, it will be completed to the lengths that are possible having no budget but a personal one. The game will be offered for free in all of its stages, from Alpha rules to Beta, to a final version.