Generations is a game about ancestral memory, power, and transference. Beings who die in this world are born again out of the corpses of their ancestors, incarnated anew. When incarnated, a new incarnation is keyed to a unique element based on the hour of the Earthly Record, a planetary clock that defies all attempts to be patterned. The element that an incarnation is keyed to grants the incarnation the power to manipulate, affect, or even create that element.

When an incarnation dies, an item on their person drinks up the power and energy they had in life, and becomes a piece of antefactum, keyed to the same element as the incarnation. When the new incarnation is birthed, they not only gain access to a new element they are keyed to, but they can call on an ancestor’s element as well, using the energy from the antefactum that is keyed to that same element.

The system is our lightest one yet, using just 4 primary attributes, Intensity, Compassion, Resolve, and Deceit. These are pools of points that players draw from depending on their activity, betting any number of points to take an action, and adding those points to 2d6 (two six-sided dice) to attempt to meet or beat difficulty ratings for tasks, as the Story Leader decides them. If successful, the incarnation regains a point of what they bet. If they fail, they lose those points entirely. When a character has a category reach 0, they can no longer take actions keyed to that attribute. If two reach 0, they die, and are incarnated anew.

The game not only expects you to die, but it is prepared for you to do so, with half the character sheet being dedicated to antefactum and a list of fallen ancestors.

Generations greatly supports creativity, granting the tools to key unique elements together in combinations never thought of before to achieve wondrous feats. Play in any time period, and experience lifetimes of play.