Genesis Engine Games

Genesis Engine Games


While the Cosmic Mirror has its array of wild eras, it is just one of 25 Genesis Engines, machines that through creating a hyper compressed reality within a small space, have allowed unique reality programming that recreates the laws of reality. What is possible is molded by one of 25 uniquely qualified individuals to explore the myriad number of ways life could have been through the lenses of their unique areas of expertise.

The Cosmic Mirror was a wild experiment of just one Genesis Engine. The other 24 are to be found here.

The Genesis Engine Games will not be nearly as large or interconnected as the Cosmic Mirror Games. Elements from them might slip through into the 9th Era in a splat book down the way, but for now, they are small, light-weight systems predicated in simple or interesting ideas.


NuÆther is a world of floating land masses and temples, ruins and towns, mountains and forests. The people here live a half-life, altered by the every present Æther stream that alters who they are, mutating and granting magic to them in equal measure. A simple system built off of elements of many modern isometric RPGs, the game has a lightweight combat system and lots of fun mutations and spells to make your characters wildly unique!

logoGenerations is a light-weight system built around the idea of endless rebirth and ancestral knowledge. Characters never die, but instead are incarnated anew from the bodies of their ancestors, as young as they were the first time they died. Each time they incarnate, beings in this world are attuned to an element based on the hour of the Earthly Record, a planetary sort of clock or calendar. That incarnation has power over that element, and can tap into and manipulate it at will. Through the use of ancestral memory, incarnations can also use powers their ancestors once had, mixing them in unique combinations that are never the same.