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NuÆther is a game system built on the foundations of many isometric rpgs, pulling inspiration from games like Hyper Light Drifter, Transistor, and others. It’s a lightweight system made to work simply, making it function well for one-shots, but with enough meat to allow for a longer campaign to work as well.

The basis of the game system surrounds the options of magic and mutations. The world of NuÆther is unlivable, floating masses of land in the sky. Towns and ruins float by in the vast sky, and your characters are travelers and explorers.

A central damage attribute works with all weapons, items, powers, and spells to make combat simple and fluid. The items also work to be simple and grant obvious effects, as well as interesting limb replacements. In the NuÆther system, each limb has its own HP value and losing a limb is not only likely, it is encouraged.

Replacements come in the forms of unique mutations for each limb, or even mechanical augmentations. Meanwhile a host of non-replacement limb mutations and spells help your character grow into new niches with each fluctuation of the Æther stream.

The system uses seven attributes that decide most every action in game. Three non-combat attributes: Might, Speed, and Intellect, and three combat attributes: Attack, Block, and Dodge. The final attribute is Damage.

The first six start at 10 and are bought down at creation and throughout the game with level points. The game uses d10s (ten sided dice), with the goal of rolling equal to or above your score in a particular attribute. The Damage attribute starts at 0 and is bought up, and is used in simple calculations (-1, +0, +1) for weapons, spells, and mutation abilities.

Two additional scores, Biorhythm and Æther, help to determine your capacity for accepting new mutations or magical powers and effects, respectively. Will you get hand-feet, or just an extra hand on your stomach? Tentacles to replace your legs, or a hyper-conductive arm? Will that new book you found teach you the highly sought after Annihilation Cube spell, or will it teach you how to teleport back to a place you just were? The game also offers a section of mechanix limb replacements and augmentations, as well as rules for small power suits and medium sized mechs. No matter your choices, your character will be unique from the rest by chance or by your desires.

The fun of NuÆther is in the exploration and quick combat, losing a limb, and finding a replacement. Let the mutations and magic roll, and let your character become something you’ve never played before.