The End

the-endDownload the Alpha rules here, or click on the image to the left.

The End is a simple 15 page game system focused on running a survival based apocalyptic game. While it currently is focused on a zombie apocalypse, plans are in the works to expand the game to include alternate scenarios, as well as mildly more in-depth rules. The final version of the book will be 50 pages at most, and is intended to be free up to the final product, and then will sell for a few dollars as a PDF, and a few dollars beyond the print cost for a hard copy.

The End works on an Energy and Exhaustion system. Performing actions raises Exhaustion, which add penalties to actions taken, though it can be paid off with Energy. Energy is gained in various ways, from sleeping to eating, to simply being among friends, or accomplishing long term goals.

More similar to the Cosmic Mirror games, it utilizes dice pools of d6, looking for successes on 5’s and 6’s. Similar to the FNAF TTRPG, it utilizes abilities to add additional uniqueness to the characters, as well as featuring an important questionnaire that help frame your character for yourself and your Story Leader.

While the Alpha rules currently feature small templates, the goal would be to have better fleshed out templates as options in the end for play groups that want to try an apocalypse from the perspective of a group of vampires, witches, fae, or werewolves.

Depending on interest, the game may grow beyond 50 pages.