Confluence Kickstarter Live!

Confluence Kickstarter Live!
August 1, 2018 admin

Check it out here!

Confluence is the core rulebook and setting for the Cosmic Mirror Games, my first step in creating the Cosmic Mirror Games line of new worlds and settings.

A 300-page version of the game is available now on Kickstarter! Check out the layout, the art, and the system for yourself. Then, pledge and help me get the full, 650 page released for the summer next year.

Confluence is the 9th Era of 14 that have come to pass over millions of years on the Cosmic Mirror, a massive and flat planet.

In Confluence, the eras that came before it, and those that come after it, have been drawn through time to exist simultaneously. The merchant rat-folk race of the 8th Era, the Raiths, vie for control of governments with the serpentine Mirrar of the 12th Era. The blaster-equipped tech suits of the insectoid Chell hailing from the 11th Era keep at bay the hordes of the undead that come from the 7th.

The system is a simple attribute + specialty = d6 dicepool system, but the unique systems presented by each of the core 10 races help complicate the simplicity in fun and unique ways. Manage two characters with the Umbran and Mirrar core races, or manage up to seven minds as a Diluvian. Craft your Fallen God’s body and choose their domains of power, or just play a normal human and skip the complexity. This allows new and veteran TTRPG players to play alongside one another at different difficulty levels.

That $25 can also get you a PDF at full price while also nabbing you a full hardcopy for free, with free shipping. There are only 50 slots for that free hardcopy, so get on it today!


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