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While The End is out there now (you can check it here), another small project RPG is in the works as work on the 9th Era book picks up. As of recent, I’ve gotten really, REALLY in to the Five Nights at Freddy’s lore. As a result, I wanted to bring a FNAF TTRPG together to run for my play group. It’s still in its early stages, and will be hitting free Alpha rules state relatively quickly here.

Through a little bit of pestering, I got the creators of Popgoes and Those Nights at Rachel’s to okay the use of their locations and animatronics in the book! Some more reaching out has been done to Five Nights at Candy’s creator, and a number of Youtubers who have helped to make FNAF what it is today, in the hopes that their likenesses can be used for some of the pre-generated characters as an homage to what they have done for the game, and vice versa.

While Scott Cawthon himself has also been reached out to, I don’t expect a reply from him probably ever. In either case, this game will be a total labor of love, with no monetization in mind. As a result though, that means it has no real budget, so everything I do for it will be out of my own time and money. So if you’re a fan of the game series, and happen to be an artist, modeler, or render…er, and would like to reach out to give some of your help on the book, I will gladly take it! Hit me up @ CosmicMirrorGames@gmail.com


Dane Asmund


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