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Zoetrope is a card-based TTRPG.

Play as future cops, travelling through time to stop time anomalies! Wackiness and fun ensue! A story-telling game for 1 Story Leader and 2-4 Players.

This game is focused on cards creating action economy, and facilitating on-the-spot gaming. The game can play well as being deadly serious, or as being highly comedic, but the off-the-cuff nature of the game certainly plays towards improvised comedy.

The game is entirely card-based, with no dice or character sheets. With 260 cards, the game has enough to keep a game going for as long as your group would like– and 20 Event cards can help push the story along with story suggestions, so that even the Story Leader can come to the game completely fresh and without initial ideas.

A free copy of the basic rules and a 30-page print and play set of cards are available for free in our downloads section, so check them out!